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Transcendence movie review

Johnny Depp’s consciousness is uploaded onto a computer….an act which might change the face of the world forever! Yes, it’s Max Headroom meets Simone …


34 thoughts on “Transcendence movie review

  1. after his conciousness was uploaded they tried REALLY hard to make will seen like an ultron like threat and it didnt work.

    when they said "lets cause y2k to stop him from doing what he chooses. lets destroy EVERY economy. lets destroy EVERY government. Lets cause complete and utter worldwide pandamonium ALL WHILE SENDING US TO THE DARK AGES." i checked out.

    movie was good. i just hated how the bad guys won.

  2. I don't see how ANYBODY can defend this film. It's pretentious, poorly acted, has uninteresting characters, and above all, slow as hell. I'd rather watch paint dry than watch Transcendence a second time.

  3. I have to disagree with this review. I thought the movie was very thought provoking, sure there were parts that should have been cut but overall it is one of the better movies in my opinion.

  4. Am I the only person that realised it was an analogy for Jesus? An All-Knowing Intelligence which is present in all things, heals the sick, becomes en-clothed in a body, and then dies, lamenting that the one he loves wasn't "saved" because she "didn't believe in him"?

  5. Had potential but it lost it's way. If you think about it, this movie supported the terrorist. A pretty bad message to send in a movie. In the end, as always, people fear what they don't understand.

  6. The concept was do cool but the implementation was confusing. Like they wanted people to be afraid of the AI. but then got confused and just messed it up. It gives mixed signals and it doesn't really let you think, it just puts it out there and tells you what to think.

    But I cried at the end lol. The ending wad beautiful. I was supporting The uploaded AI from the beginning so it just made me sad that he was forced to meet his end in such a way. And they used his wife like wtf.

  7. The movie sucked, they could have had a gorgeous movie but ruined it with another cliché script, with her pussying out, making the A.I. the bad guy, humanity's last stand type of thing with a bunch of stupid ppl with a stupid resolve and contradicting actions in their part, HORRIBLE movie. Could've been good if it wasn't for another cliché script.

  8. What a stupid comment. It is noticed that you do not understand anything. Wanted the artificial intelligence of the doctor wished to destroy the world like the Terminator's Skynet? Better do comments on cartoon that must be what your mind is capable. and the moral dilemma? and make us imagine where one might come up with artificial intelligence and technology. and fear of people about changes and what not know. And the relationship with his love and vice versa, adn his pure desire to help humanity and be bad interpreted. Again, your comment was stupid.

  9. because of this review is didn't watch the movie untill a year and a half later. said to myself not worth download it . but I did . and I just watched it yesterday and I loved it. it was a great movie and I will watch it agai. amazing

  10. First time I disagree with Jeremy. The movie was good, it wasn't a masterpiece but it doesn't deserve to watch it if you are drunk. Every movie has flaws, perfect movies are hard to find. I even dare to say there is not a perfect movie…yet.

  11. I personally liked this review way better than one I just watched…(wont mention names of course.) The guy kind of sat and talked to the camera in his room about the whole movie. But it felt weird. I need some pictures poppin up, and some expressiveness! Lol. Thank you <3

  12. I'd just recently watched Transcendence & I didn't necessarily like how it ended. Why would the fucking government would revoke on a technology & synergy that provide life in plants, human body,water, & the whole entire ecosystem how would something like this would cause too much power and it would be evil? I routed for Johnny Depp throughout the whole movie

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