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Blue Jasmine — Movie Review

Blue Jasmine directed by Woody Allen and starring Cate Blanchett , Alex Baldwin, and Louis C.K. is reviewed by Ben Mankiewicz (host of Turner Classic …


22 thoughts on “Blue Jasmine — Movie Review

  1. Just watched this on DVD… I see "Street Car" AND "Woody vs. Mia".
    Maybe Mia Farrow IS a self involved Park Avenue-ite (well, that was before events with her teenage daughter and her lover made her bonkers).
    This is biographical…. from the prospective of the perpetrator of a horrific fuck over against the mother of his child.  It's making the victim look like a self indulgent neurotic. Not defending Mia/Jasmine here, just saying that Jasmine didn't have a chance to evolve because this is so immediate to the break down of her life.  This story is lacking resolution and I feel like Woody has taken yet another chance to slam the victim yet another time by not allowing her to heal at any point in this film.
    Most everyone who sees it WANTS to root for Mia/Jasmine, but they can't because she's so selfish. Gut wrenching betrayal makes a person TOTALLY crazy and oblivious to many character issues that might need to be addressed. Being mentally ill is a very self injurious condition and she is clearly out of it by the end of the movie. She can not reach out for help, has no one to turn to and she has no contact with that reality.
    I didn't think this was comedy, I thought it was the last time I want to watch Woody Allen debase a mature woman.

  2. I loved this film! Woody Allen's best. Cate Blanchett and Sally Hawkins were amazing, as well as all the characters in this film. Although not a comedy, I was laughing at quite a few points. A must see.

  3. After Deconstructing Harry in 1997, Woody went through a really bad period. But since Match Point in 2005, he's done some great stuff (especially Vicky Christina Barcelona and Midnight In Paris).

  4. over the last weeks ive been filling in the gaps of the few later woody movies ive not seen. every one of them was painfully bad, each a rearrangement of the same character types (architects, art-dealers, psychoanalysts) and plotlines of earlier films, with even the same jokes he once got a laugh from. Midnight In Paris was no exception. with every Woody film, some critic is hailing a 'return to form'. i'd love this one to be that, but i would bet against it.

  5. I stopped the video at 1:28 because you're so fucking annoying and ignorant that I decided listening to you lazily read a synopsis from IMDB might actually ruin the movie for me. Irreverence can be funny, but not when done by a self-absorbed, humorless dipshit.

  6. I'm surprised they missed the chance to comment on the phone call to the FBI. Such a great film. So many layers. I'm so proud of Kate as an Australian actress. Woody Allen proves his genius in this film. All the actors were exceptional.

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