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Annabelle Creation Movie Review

Annabelle Creation Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer reaction & review 2017 prequel! James Wan’s Conjuring Cinematic Universe!


44 thoughts on “Annabelle Creation Movie Review

  1. Leaving the house I kicked my sisters doll. (After watching Anabelle creation) I came back put it gently on the couch kissed it's forehead and ran far far away hehe sorry anabelle

  2. Hi Grace! Could you do me a favor and do a movie review for Valerian The City of a Thousand Planets? I watched the movie and have been getting mixed feelings about it..

  3. I loved the movie and thought it was really well directed. But found it was the least scary of all the Conjuring-verse films.

    Admittedly, I am a DIEHARD horror film fan and nothing moves me after 40+ years of delving deeply into horror films of all stripes. It would take nothing short of an monster coming through the screen to move me to 'scares'.

    The gimmick *SPOILER * of ** SPOILER**….

    …the demon in the shed with the scarecrow was wonderful stuff.

  4. Hi there! I'm a subscriber and I watch all your videos! I would love to win the AMC movie giveaway! My birthday is on the 26th of this month and I would love to use it to go see "IT". Low income lifestyle at this time in my life so this would make my day! Thank you for all your reviews and I can't wait till your next video.

  5. Generally not a good idea to walk down any dark alleys or streets at night. That goes double for those currently living in so-called sanctuary cities

    The best horror movies were made by the Japanese in the early 2000's…better times all around.

  6. Actually this movie is better than most horror movies out there grace refers this to as weakest in conjuring universe coz the conjuring universe is one of the best horror franchise out there couldn't sleep the night i watched this 😰😰

  7. Move over Freddy vs Jason, make way for Annabelle vs Pennywise! Of course, now I have the creepy clown doll from the original Poltergeist in my head as their evil spawn. No sleep for me tonight!

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