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Sunday, 31 July 2016

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English Title: The Demolishing Man
Directed By Gulbahar Singh
Music By Kalyan Sen Barat
Cinematography By Sakti Banerjee
Editing By Ujjal Nandi
Art Direction By Ashoke Bose
Starring Chiranjit, Rajit Kapoor, Debashree Roy, Sumitra Mukherjee, Dulal Lahiri, Manjusree, Monu Mukherjee
Widely Acclaimed At Manchester, Cairo and Montreal International Film Festivals


The protagonist of the film Biman, a man with conventional middle class values is the officer-in-charge of the demolition department of the civic body. His wife Mouli has apparently adjusted herself to this orthodox and unexciting domestic life. Being childless in a marriage life of a ten years is a source of pain for the couple; but they somehow pull on with a facade of understanding and happiness.
Biman is a dutiful husband with a refined taste in music and a consuming passion for gardening. Biman is a thoroughbred honest man discharging his duties of demolishing illegal possessions without fear or favour. But in his heart of heart, he feels a scene of agony and guilt for the helpless persons rendered homeless by his official actions.
Biman's deep involvement with his official duties creates a yawning gap between him and his wife Mouli slowly but inexorably. Mouli's college mate Indra walks into their lives and an emotional rapport grows between Mouli and Indra. Bimal does not suspect anything at first. But one day he chances upon some concrete evidence of their relationship. He asks Mouli about this, but she comes out with a flat denial. The whole world starts reeling around Biman. The demolition man is now himself being demolished.
Biman goes out of Calcutta to visit her aunt in a small town. He comes back to an empty house to find Mouli gone. Biman faces the moment of truth.
He tenders his resignation. He comes out of the office into the Maidan. A madari game is on with a boy on a bamboo pole. For Biman, the little boy is a new life with return to innocence.



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